Anthony Lacey
Anthony LaceyIntegrative Therapist , DBT and EMDR Practitioner
Areas of interest are:
Panic Disorder
Generalised anxiety disorder
Eating disorders
Low mood
Self harm
Relationship difficulties
Emotional unstable personality disorder (borderline personality disorder)
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Anthony Lacey: Integrative Psychotherapist, DBT and EMDR Practitioner

I  am a qualified and Registered Mental Health Practitioner and Psychotherapist, offering assessment, formulation and therapy to children, adolescents and adults in the Merseyside area.
I offer a range of approaches to my practice that are synthesised from all major psychological orientations.  This helps clients learn from negative experiences, reduces their inappropriate distress and helps incorporate future actions to allow clients to excel within their interpersonal system.
I draw on insights from:
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • behaviour therapy
  • cognitive therapy
  • experiential therapy
  • somatic therapies
  • hypnotic therapies
  • system’s theory.
My  integrative approach helps to facilitate new understanding, improved coping skills and better behaviours 
I have worked within the NHS and the third sector since 2013 and specialise with adults suffering with emotional dysregualtion, distress, interpersonal difficulties and psychological trauma. I have worked with clients through criminal justice services, inpatient facilities, community mental health teams, crisis resolution teams and within primary care services. Appointments available at a time that suits you.
Phone: 07455986761