The Healing Code
with Halina Hampson

The Healing code works by removing destructive cellular memories. These changes happen INSTANTLY! It is a truly remarkable healing modality and extremely easy to use. Whether you are a qualified therapist, or have NEVER healed anyone in your life, come and learn the Healing Code – IT REALLY WORKS.

Unhelpful memories and false beliefs (that you don’t even know you have!) block and stop you  from being the best you can be. Once they are released there is an “immediate” emotional healing. Your well being is restored which leaves you feeling uplifted and more in touch with who you really are.  I have lost count of the miraculous healings that have occurred in each workshop!

Halina Hampson is a Theta healer, Reiki Master, and Healing Code worker. She says, “I am proud to show people the POWER and EASE of the Healing Code “IT REALLY WORKS”!  love & light Halina xx”

Be Wilder Camp
with Chris McDermott

Chris will be telling us about BeWilder Camp, a unique weekend course about connecting deeply with mother nature, getting back to basics, re-wilding, rejuvenating and understanding who you really are at a fundamental level.

Wild Man Spa  teamed up with Re-constellation (Chris McDermott) to produce an experience that is like no other on the market.

Theyl take you back to basics by staying in their 100 acre wild woodland with (very) basic facilities. No phones/ technology or even time (watches) are allowed.

Wild Man Spa shall  delivers practical skills such as woodland exploration, foraging, shelter building (which you can sleep in), fire lighting and open fire cooking.

Chris McDermott uses his skills as a druid and dowser to look deep within and reflect on who we really are. You shall engage in tasks such as walking the labyrinth, creating a timber cirle, deep meditation and working with tree, animal and nature spirits.

Day one is focused on loosing yourself, whereas day two is about finding yourself – so you  leave feeling refreshed and revitalised by nature, you will  new friends and you  know yourself on a deeper level than when you came in. A truely unique experience

What is Neurolinguistic
with Joe O’Connor

Joe was seriously injured in 1999, whilst on a Special Forces night training exercise on the Brecon Beacons in Wales. The weather was atrocious and after being lifted off his feet by a gale force wind and blown down the mountain ridge, falling some 400 ft, Joe broke his neck in multiple places and lay helpless for hours paralyzed.

After spending many years in rehabilitation and slowly recovering from paralysis, trauma and the breakdown of his marriage. Joe’s next challenge was to rebuild his life. This experience made a lasting impression and Joe became determined to turn this negative experience into a positive outcome. He re-married, continued to work hard and continued with his self development.

Joe’s personal self-development has focused on helping others achieve their dreams. Through various methods and techniques he has learnt, he is able to change peoples lives for the better.

he founded a charity called  Sanctuary for Veterans, recently renamed Transformation for Veterans.


Joe O’Connor Motivational Speaker, Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Wealth creation, Mentor, Financial Coach, Health & Wellbeing Coach