Sunday 25 September, 2 to 5pm at Rodney Street Therapies, 39 Rodney Street L1 9EN

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The law of attraction states everything is energy and like attracts like, similar to a magnet. Whatever energy vibration we are putting out comes back to us. Give love, attract love. Express anger and we are likely to attract more of the same. There is no judgement in any of this, it’s simply how the law works.

This is really good news because it means we have responsibility over our lives. We can choose what we attract by changing our vibration accordingly. This may mean aligning our thoughts with what we want to create, rather than allowing doubts or negative thinking to cloud our minds. Once we’re in alignment, anything’s possible!

This workshop gives you the tools and know how with which you can change your circumstances so they match your highest desires. It is for both ‘beginners’ and those that are already familiar with the law of attraction. Come along for a fun afternoon with great people and get clear on how to attract what you really want.

Price: £25 payable in advance. Refunds are available if the cancellation is a week or more before the workshop.

If you have any questions call me on 0777-155-6736 or message me via meetup.

John David Kirby 🙂