Sunday 18th June: Explorations into Consciousness

Leo Rutherford
Leo RutherfordShamanic Healing Practitioner at Eagle's Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism
After completing my MA while living in San Francisco, I attended shamanic workshops, ceremonies and pilgrimages to sacred places/tribal lands including the Hopi in Arizona. The knowledge I gained surpassed what I learned through Psychology/ psychotherapy.
For over 30 years I have been running shamanic workshops and experiences in UK and abroad.
My published books include: ‘Principles of Shamanism’. First published by Harper Collins/Thorsons 1996, re-pub as ‘Thorsons Way of Shamanism’ 2011. 3rd edition pub Crescent Moon 2014
‘Shamanic Path Workbook’. First published as ‘Your Shamanic Path’ by Piatkus 2001. Present edition Arima Publishing 2007
‘The View through the Medicine wheel.’ O-Books 2008”


Shamanic journeys and soul retrieval

The Shamanic Journey enables exploration of altered states of consciousness. Shamans know that all dis-ease originates in the energy matrix of our being and “travel” to the source to restore balance and bring healing.  This is where we find the patterns and habits that underpin our life, and also parts of ourself that split off at times of trauma or when life seemed intolerable. For many of us these patterns can lie deeply hidden, yet affecting us on every level. The Shamanic Journey offers a vehicle where, through deep connection, you can find information and guidance and create long term change in your life.

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