Dennis Richards writes:

Like many of you I will be social distancing while COVID-19 is active and working from home.

I will be offering counselling and hypnotherapy sessions for £40 (£25 concessions). Call me on 07588563143 to book. To stop smoking, there is a downloadable version of my stop smoking programme available here for only £20.

Our specialist mental health practitioner Anthony Lacey will be offering face-to-face sessions for those who do not have symptoms of COVID-19. He will also be available for short phone calls for free on 07455986761. You can read his top tips for surviving the outbreak here.

Government advice is not to touch your face with your hands, If you want help not touching your face, you can download a free self-hypnosis recording to assist you here.

While not qualified to give medical advice, I trust the advice of Dr Sarah Myhill on preventing and treating viral infections here:

Don’t forget the latest Government advice is available here.

Stay safe.

Dennis Richards,
Director, Rodney Street Therapies