Healing womb space:

Building the relationship with your feminine self
It is only when we fully explore our own deep experiences that we are truly able to help others on their therapeutic journey so, on this day, you will have the opportunity to explore your own early experiences – those that you perhaps know about and others that you hold in deep memory.I believe in working with clients as a whole and my work combines powerful practices of mental exercise, spiritual meditation, and physical movement to heal and connect you back to your womb and deep feminine power, it is about self care and respect.

This workshop has evolved throughout my life of over 20 years of my own personal journey and working with clients. I have travelled to Africa, India, China and Central America where I have experience and learnt different dimensions to heal:  body, mind and spirit.

Designed by Freepik;

This workshop may help you if:

  • You have experience trauma of any kind and wish to heal.
  • You are trying to conceive.
  • You wish to prepare for divine partnership.
  • You experiencing issues with your moon cycle
  • Wish to experience deeper connection to your body
  • You feel your life force is depleted.
  • You have come out of a relationship and want to find your soul again.

Vegetarian lunch provided.

Gifts of castor oil packs and Yoni steaming herbs.

Attendance certificates will be provided.

Time:  10-4

Date: Sunday 25th June

Venue:  39 Rodney Street , L1 9EN

Fee: £50 or £40 for those on low income

Facilitator: Amal Omran is a psychotherapist based in Liverpool works at a couple of GP surgeries and a private practice. She also teaches holistic therapies and energy healing in the Middle East.