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Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World 20 July 2016

Dennis Richards and Akasha Encounters with Shamanism Dennis Richards, director of Rodney Street Therapies, will be sharing his personal exploration of shamanism with teachers such as Leo Rutherford, Howard Charing, Michael and Sandra Harner and indigenous shamans of Ecuador and the USA.  He will be asking what can shamanism offer today's [...]

10th July 2016|

Welcome Rosanna Gordon, our new Yoga Teacher

Today is International Yoga Day, the perfect day to welcome yoga teacher, Rosanna Gordon.  Writing in Yoga Journal, Timothy McCall, MD identified 38 different health benefits of yoga, from improved flexibility and muscle strength to better circulation and fewer digestive problems.  It can even make you feel happier! I'm certainly happier we now have [...]

21st June 2016|

Sound with Sas this Saturday

An interview with Sas Bullock who is leading her Voice Activation workshop this Saturday.

19th May 2016|

Mind-Body-Spirit evening 18-5-16

Rodney Street Therapies is sponsoring a Mind-Body-Spirit evening on 18 May through the Amazing Space Meetup Group. The theme of the evening is "Awakening to Your Higher Purpose" and will feature John David Kirby talking about "Living in the Heart", David Dickinson talking about ""Living with Sacred Wisdom" and Russ Treasure speaking on "Guidance and [...]

11th May 2016|

Drinking to Oblivion

The BBC documentary Drinking to Oblivion, presented by Louis Theroux last night caused quite a stir on the Twittersphere. People were very concerned at the people addicted to alcohol and how continuing to drink was endangering their lives. While those of us who drink in moderation might feel some complacency that things have not got [...]

25th April 2016|


“ACTIVATE YOUR VOCAL POWER” WORKSHOP with Sas Bullock Sat 21st May 1.30 – 4.30pm £30 (£20 up to 12 May)  Awaken to your unique Soul Frequency. Uncover the tones, sounds and vibrations that can restore balance and harmony to the body, dissipate pain, emotional trauma, anxiety and stress. Learn the secret of how to magnetize your [...]

10th March 2016|

6-week Heart Intelligence course with the SAS BULLOCK

       Activate Your Vocal Power with Heart Intelligence 6 Week Coaching Course. Sat 16th April through to Sat 21st of May 2016. Where you will begin to uncover... How to Open your Heart How to Follow your Heart How to Speak from your Heart Your Higher Intelligence 4 Pillars of Joy Conditioning from [...]

10th March 2016|

Mindfulness Group to Start 10th March

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf - Jon Kabat-Zinn 8-week Mindfulness  Group Whether you have taken and introductory mindfulness course and want to develop your practice or are totally new to mindfulness, this course is for you. We will be following the 8-week programme developed by Dave Potter, [...]

19th February 2016|

5 Top Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

Research by Yougov in 2015 found that 63% of Britons intended to make a new year resolution. The survey found that more women intended to lose weight (40%) than men (29%). 5% of Brits said they planned to give up smoking and 11% wanted to stop drinking or reduce their alcohol intake. However 32% of [...]

6th January 2016|

Passive smoking affects unborn children

It is well-known that pregnant mothers who smoke are more likely to give birth prematurely. A new study from Bristol University has found that pregnant women who are exposed to passive smoking deliver their babies earlier and with lower birth weights than unexposed women. It is because of the effect of passive smoking on children that the [...]

5th November 2015|