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Treatment for Eating Disorders

What are Eating Disorders? An eating disorder (EA) is when you have a harmful perspective on food, which can take over your life and make you ill. It can include eating too much or too little, or becoming obsessed with your weight and body shape. Yet there are treatments that can help and you can [...]

27th August 2019|

What is Psychosis? How can psychotherapy for psychosis help?

What is psychosis? Psychosis is a psychological condition that causes individuals to regard or interpret the world in different ways from those around them. This may entail hallucinations or delusions. Learn more about psychosis and how psychotherapy for psychosis can help. Signs and symptoms of psychosis The 2 primary symptoms of psychosis are: Hallucinations [...]

18th August 2019|

Stop Smoking with Self-Hypnosis launches 1 October

Stop Smoking for £20 this October! Do you want to quit smoking this October? On 1st October I am launching a self-hypnosis version of my successful stop smoking programme. You can download this audio file to your phone, laptop or tablet and experience smoking cessation hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. I won't [...]

28th September 2018|

Happy Christmas from Rodney St Therapies

Christmas Offer: any hypnotherapy session for £40 Need a last minute present for a loved one, friend or colleague? How about a voucher for a hypnotherapy session? All vouchers only £40, including smoking cessation! Buy Now Offer Details For a single payment of £40 you will receive a voucher which entitles [...]

21st December 2017|

SSRI antidepressants, psychosis and violence.

A Prescription for Murder? Dennis Richards There has been much hype about last week’s BBC Panorama Programme, A Prescription for Murder? which investigated the mass killings at the 2012 midnight premiere of a Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado by twenty-four-year-old PhD student James Holmes. The programme asks “Did the SSRI anti-depressant he had been [...]

4th August 2017|

Guest Blog: Health Ambition

3rd August 2017|

The Diamond Experience – A Soul Immersion into your Essence

Sunday, July 30 at 2 PM - 5:30 PM. Price: £25 We are delighted to welcome Julie Umpleby from South Africa to Liverpool to lead this workshop. Using sound, light and energy processes, you will spend an afternoon coming to know yourself in a new, more expansive way. Julie will share with you some insight into [...]

19th July 2017|

Understand Your Dreams, 12 June, 7.15 to 9.15pm

Understand your Dreams with Dennis Richards. Understand the language of your dreams with this monthly interactive group. Whether you have repetitive dreams, sweet dreams, nightmares or dream fragments, sharing them in a group can add insight and self-awareness. Even if you don't have a dream to share, you can gain self-understanding by sharing [...]

8th June 2017|

Healing the Inner Child – 9 July, 10am – 4pm.

With Amal Omran, Counsellor and Complementary Therapist Time:  10-4, Date: 9/7/17 Fees:  £50.00 (waged) £40 (part-waged) £35.00 (unwaged). Home-made vegetarian lunch provided. Venue: 39 Rodney Street Phone: 07852424990 Venue: 39 Rodney Street In each of us there is a young child. If you had experienced any trauma as a child you need [...]

8th June 2017|

Poetry Therapy 11th June 1-4pm

Our inner work can be understood as a four-fold journey involving: – awe, delight, amazement (known as the Via Positiva) – uncertainty, darkness, suffering, letting go (Via Negativa) – birthing, creativity, passion (Via Creativa) – justice, healing, celebration (Via Transformativa)  [ Matthew Fox] An opportunity to read and write poetry in a [...]

5th June 2017|