Anthony Lacey writes:

Our Country and Nation is in the midst of facing serious risk with Covid-19 and not forgetting the  huge climate changes that now seem to be expected as the norm nowadays.
There is lots of confusion and stress about what is best to do and how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

My Tip of the week is;
A. Firstly keep it simple.
Change your perspective and focus on your strengths and resilence to face these struggles.
Write down, text yourself (in any format that suits you)  your qualities to cope with problems and add to this list as an active document! Refer to the past if you can to focus on what you’ve got through!

B.  Contingency plan for coping with these challenges before they happen (again as an active doc).

C. Text me, call me anytime to talk if needed I will always speak to you that day (for free) and/or talk to relevant people about your worries.

D.  Sit in a posture that posits positivity and  Strength for one minute or so, focusing on positive affirmations that resonate with you (once you’ve created your list).

E.  Pray for yourself, family and friends and wider communities to beat any issues you or others face.

Prayer is powerful and I pray for each of my clients and loved ones everyday.

Each one of us are more capable to adapt and change than we give ourselves credit for.
We are geared towards survival with instincts to keep ourselves safe from danger, so let’s use our instincts to action- preplanning to cope, focus on your strengths, your own affirmations and the power of prayer to a God of your understanding or (power of the universe what ever resonates for you).

Keep safe and God bless and I will see you on your next scheduled appointment.

As always, I only make suggestions and am more than comfortable letting your own healing system kick in!

Warmest Wishes

Tony Lacey
Specialist Mental Health Practitioner

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