At Kapucia, 27 Lord Street, L2 9SA, 6.45 to 9.15pm on Wednesday 20 July 2016 £12.00.

Dennis Richards and Akasha
Encounters with Shamanism

Dennis Richards, director of Rodney Street Therapies, will be sharing his personal exploration of shamanism with teachers such as Leo Rutherford, Howard Charing, Michael and Sandra Harner and indigenous shamans of Ecuador and the USA.  He will be asking what can shamanism offer today’s society?

Dennis’s spiritual journey has encompassed Christianity and Buddhism as well as sound healing and energy work. He practices counselling and hypnotherapy at Rodney Street Therapies.

Akasha will be speaking about her exploration of the lower, middle and upper worlds using shamanic journeying.

John David Kirby
Turning Dreams into Reality

Dreams really do come true. We all know this even if we don’t always understand how things happen. We are amazing creators with unlimited potential. Our lives can be happy and joyful or miserable and sad & everything in between.So what’s the magical ingredient that enables us to live our best lives?

Beyond our human form is a blue print containing all possibilities. By tapping into this energy we become conscious creators. Not only does this enhance our lives but also the lives of everyone else.

Come along this evening and experience the magic as John takes you on a journey where we co-create the next grandest version of ourselves. John David Kirby is a soul-centred life coach and meditation teacher at Rodney Street Therapies.

Grace Lockhart
Encounters with Angels

About five years ago Grace had an amazing encounter in a vision with Jesus. To encounter Him is to encounter pure love! She was literally soaked in love and from this flow there was a major increase in people that wanted to book her for spiritual readings, house cleansing and dream interpretation. In this fascinating talk, Grace will share stories about her experiences with angels

NB this event is at Kapucia, 27 Lord Street, Liverpool L2 9SA. Look for the A-board opposite Debenhams.