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Understand Your Dreams, 12 June, 7.15 to 9.15pm

Understand your Dreams with Dennis Richards. Understand the language of your dreams with this monthly interactive group. Whether you have repetitive dreams, sweet dreams, nightmares or dream fragments, sharing them in a group can add insight and self-awareness. Even if you don't have a dream to share, you can gain self-understanding by sharing [...]

8th June 2017|

Healing the Inner Child – 9 July, 10am – 4pm.

With Amal Omran, Counsellor and Complementary Therapist Time:  10-4, Date: 9/7/17 Fees:  £50.00 (waged) £40 (part-waged) £35.00 (unwaged). Home-made vegetarian lunch provided. Venue: 39 Rodney Street Phone: 07852424990 Venue: 39 Rodney Street In each of us there is a young child. If you had experienced any trauma as a child you need [...]

8th June 2017|

Poetry Therapy 11th June 1-4pm

Our inner work can be understood as a four-fold journey involving: – awe, delight, amazement (known as the Via Positiva) – uncertainty, darkness, suffering, letting go (Via Negativa) – birthing, creativity, passion (Via Creativa) – justice, healing, celebration (Via Transformativa)  [ Matthew Fox] An opportunity to read and write poetry in a [...]

5th June 2017|