What our clients say about their experience and how our treatment helped

Smoking Cessation

I found Dennis Richards’s stop smoking service to be very professional, very effective and very affordable. I would recommend Dennis because he helped me achieve something I never thought I could do without nicotine replacement *

Chris H, Sandbach, Cheshire
Counselling and Hypnotherapy

After my initial hypnotherapy meeting and through consequent sessions, my ability to handle life’s “funny” situations began to increase. Dennis does exactly what he says he does – he enables people to manage their day to day stresses. *

Alison H, Nantwich, Cheshire
Stress Management

Dennis has helped me look at problems in a different way. By teaching me relaxation techniques I have been able to apply them to my normal routine and I a feel much better for it. Thank you, Dennis. *

Emma F, Crewe, Cheshire

* Disclaimer: results can vary from person to person.


Fully Qualified Therapists

Dennis Richards is registered with the National Counselling Society and the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Welcome to Rodney Street Therapies – Psychotherapeutic Counselling Liverpool 

Now that you have found us, put all your concerns at bay! With Rodney Street Therapies by your side, you don’t have to worry about all that has been causing massive struggle in your life. As a matter of fact, it’s time for you to take a sigh of relief because we will leave no stone unturned in helping you lead a happy life and overcome all the negativity that has been giving you sleepless nights from a very long time. Helping people find abundance in all areas of life has been our ultimate objective since 1990, and we will continue putting our best foot forward in ensuring the same in the future as well.

A renowned name in the business of supporting clients defeat phobias, overcome anxiety, quit smoking, and bid goodbye to stress & depression, Rodney Street Therapies has its headquarters in Liverpool, Merseyside. Founded by Dennis Richards, the popular hypnotherapist, integrative counsellor and meditator, we are a reliable source that can help you with not only weight loss problems and IBS, but relationship issues as well. Making the best possible use of hypnotherapy to enrich the lives of its clients, Rodney Street Therapies is the preferred choice of one and all looking for unparalleled mental health service in Liverpool.

We, at Rodney Street Therapies, are backed by a team of qualified psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, holistic life coaches, and clinical psychologists so that our clients receive the best possible therapy. So, be it an irrational fear, the habit of smoking, or anxiety & depression, rest assured, we will be your helping hand and offer the support you have been looking for to regain your peace of mind. As a matter of fact, we will deal with your stress factors and work on exploring the elements that are causing distress in your relationships. All in all, we will introduce you to the happiness and sense of relief you have been seeking for.

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