Stop Smoking and Stop Vaping!

You may have already tried to quit smoking using willpower, patches, medication, e-cigarettes or vaporisers – but haven’t yet succeeded.

Don’t worry. Help is at hand. With one phone call you can join the thousands of people who have quit smoking – using our integrative approach of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and just plain common sense.

Here at Rodney Street Therapies, our approach aims to bring you a permanent freedom from cigarettes.

Quitting smoking doesn’t need to be a battle of willpower. We can show you how to stop smoking – easily and permanently – so you don’t feel that you’re giving anything up. The one thing we do require (in addition to our fee) is your genuine desire to quit.

The Rodney St Therapies Quit Smoking programme consists of up to four one-hour individual sessions.

The cost for the full programme is only £249. This equates to less than 25 packets of cigarettes. You can do the maths as to how long it will be before this proves to be the most profitable programme you will ever attend. Not to mention the health benefits.

The Quit smoking programme will be completely tailored for your own individual needs.

For smokers who do not want to experience hypnotherapy as part of their programme, we have developed a cognitive‐behavioural therapy option.

What have you got to lose except your smoking habit?

If you find that you are still struggling with your smoking demons after completing the programme, please feel free to contact us for the additional support we can provide.

For those who are not initially successful, 2 follow up sessions are offered at no extra cost, within three months of your final session (These are approximately 1 hour each).


Stop smoking

Summer Offer – Quit for £100!

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